Tuesday, December 6, 2011


no particular order.

- all-girl moshpit in new orleans
- playing on tv with mellowhype
- ribgate at the dude ranch
- keith morris buying a record from us
- touring with unknown mortal orchestra, toro y moi, and japandroids
- kitchen show at sxsw
- basically living in LA for a week in july
- basically living in NYC for about 3 wks out of the year
- drinking sailor jerry with hodgy and left brain while starting a hardcore band
- tranny strip club with ruban
- regular strip club with koshak
- strip clubs in portland
- the food at the crossroad club in oslo, norway
- austin psych fest
- vacation at the beach with katie
- mansion party in ATL with umo and turbo, and B.o.B. calling colin a bitch.
- getting kicked out of a park in LA on 4th of july with bleached.
- the phone booth in SF, KGB in NYC, cha cha lounge in LA.
- the bed and breakfast we stayed at in scandiano, italy
- talking in a redneck voice (and trying to get everyone we met to talk in a redneck voice)
- colin trying to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in 2 hrs.
- salt lake city show
- old dudes in the hotel in london asking if we had been "gigging"
- hotel party in minneapolis where i accidentaly walked in screaming to a family of chris farley
- le guess who? festival in the netherlands
- the "eyes wide shut" party i stumbled into with steven and dent at el cid on sunset
- 303a, 151 kent
- big geoff in bristol, UK
- 5am show at shea stadium in brooklyn
- meat-head dude in oxford threatening to beat my ass over facebook cuz i threw a can of febreze at him
- doing it all for my bro larry.  RIP my friend, miss you every day.

that's all i can remember.  thanks to everyone that made this year possible for us, it's been incredible.  big shit in the works for 2012.  stay tuned....